• The 30-year Option

      The advantages of a 15-year loan over a 30-year include the obvious shorter term, usually a slightly lower interest rate and that equity builds faster.  The disadvantages are higher payments that are required regardless of temporary personal econo...
      Written by InTouch
    • Removing a Person from a Mortgage

      When two people decide, whether they're married or not, to buy a home, they're probably considering what a great idea it is.  If later, they rethink the decision and determine to go their separate ways, simply deeding the home to the remaining per...
      Written by InTouch
    • Why Put More Down

      The least amount in a down payment is an attractive option when people are thinking of buying a home.  A common reason is to have cash available for furnishing the new home and  possible unexpected expenses. Some people don't have any option...
      Written by InTouch
    • Instant Buyers Save Time But Cost Money

      There are a multitude of companies across the Internet, referred to as iBuyers, who are suggesting that sellers can save the hassle of putting their home on the market, showings, repairs, open houses and other things by accepting their instant offer to...
      Written by InTouch
    • Before Buying a Vacation Home

      There's a fine difference between a second home and a vacation home.  If you are going to primarily use the home for yourself, then, it is probably a second home.  If you're going to use it some during the year and rent it out the rest of the...
      Written by InTouch
    • Financing Home Improvements

      Home improvement loans provide a source of funds for owners to finance the improvements they want to make.  These are usually, personal installment loans that are not collateralized by the home itself.  Since there is more risk for the lender...
      Written by InTouch

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