Maintain, Minimize, Manage

    Homeownership is a privilege and a responsibility falling into one of three categories: maintenance, minimizing expenses and managing debt and risk.  Even after decades of owning a home, you may still need some help to handle some of these challenges. One of the most frequent calls REALTORS® receive from past customers is to ask for a recommendation of a service provider. The Internet search engines have replaced the yellow pages or newspaper ads as a quick source to find  workmen.  While convenient, the problem with search engines is the global nature of the web makes some companies look established when, they may not be at all. The recommendation from a trusted friend or professional is by far your best resource. Reviews from strangers can be helpful but an endorsement from someone you know, and trust will make you feel more confident that you'll find the right person to help you with your project. Almost every transaction requires something to be done to either prepare a home to increase marketability or make a repair discovered by inspections prior to closing.  The frequency of transactions leads agents to build an extensive list of service providers that provide reliable work at reasonable prices and have reputations to back up their service. We're here to serve your real estate needs, not just when you're buying and selling but all of the years in between.  By helping you with the three M's of homeownership, we can earn your confidence and trust for the next time you move or can recommend us to your friends. If you need a recommendation of a service provider, give me a call (281) 704-3749.
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