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    • Property Management

      On any given day, investors who own rental property want to buy more or they want to get rid of what they have.  In most cases, it doesn't have to do with the satisfaction of the investment itself; it has more to do with the management. Managing p...
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    • What goes with the house?

      Sometimes, there can be confusion on what goes with the house and what goes with the seller when they move.  Generally speaking, the house is the land and buildings and any fixed or attached property. Permanently installed and built-in items are c...
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    • Your Rate Depends on your Score

      Most homebuyers probably know that their FICO mortgage score can determine whether they qualify for a loan, but they may not be aware that it can determine what interest rate they'll pay. The same $300,000, 30-year, fixed-rate mortgage can have a princ...
      Written by InTouch
    • Mortgage Lock-in

      A mortgage lock-in is a lender's agreement to hold a specific interest rate for a stated period for a loan at the prevailing market interest rate.  This provides the borrower some protection against the interest rates going up during the lock peri...
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    • Help with Your Refrigerator

      Refrigerators may save your leftovers and produce, but they can spend energy at the same time.  Refrigerators typically account for 13 percent of energy bills, the second-highest expense after air conditioners. It's one of the only things in your ...
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    • Home Energy Loss

      There are telltale signs that a home is wasting energy that every homeowner should be aware. Drafts ... if you feel drafts in rooms when doors and windows are closed, it can indicate a leak that can adversely affect heating or air-conditioning. ...
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