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    • Black Friday Alternative

      While the public is focused on Black Friday Sales and Christmas shopping, you can take advantages of the lower sales activity in the real estate market in the fourth quarter.  It makes sense that most people have shifted their attention from home...
      Written by InTouch
    • Happy Thanksgiving

      We're grateful throughout the year and especially at this time of the year, for all our friends who have trusted us with the purchase or sale of their home.
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    • Home Emergency Preparedness

      Unexpected and possibly dangerous situations in the home require immediate response and knowing where critical items are in the home can minimize the damage.  It can also provide peace of mind knowing what to do when and if the time comes.  ...
      Written by InTouch
    • What’s the Difference in Pre-Qualification and Pre-Approval?

      Before looking for a home, you need to know how much you can afford. While you may have a number in your head, the lender has the final say. Securing a pre-approval from a lender helps make the home buying process easier and helps to avoid delays. Man...
      Written by InTouch
    • Millennials Do Understand It

      A recent survey from Bankrate reported that 36 percent of millennials prefer investing in real estate over all other options, including the stock market, cash investments, and cryptocurrency. According to Business Insider, the generation is also respon...
      Written by InTouch
    • Save Energy in your Home

      Finding ways to conserve energy in your home will save money and help reduce the nation's demand for the resources needed to make that energy, like fossil fuels. You'll also reap the more immediate benefits of enjoying a more comfortable home when it i...
      Written by InTouch

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