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    • Is a 15-year Mortgage a Good Idea?

      If you consider the current difference in a 15-year loan is approximately ½% lower, then, yes, it may a good idea.  But, if you can't afford the higher payment amortized over half the time of a 30-year, then, no, it may not be a good idea. ...
      Written by InTouch
    • A Good Time to Buy a Home

      You may have noticed that REALTORS® seem to always think now is a good time to buy and they can usually justify it with solid reasoning.  While it can be true in general, a good time to buy has more to do with the individual than anything else...
      Written by InTouch
    • No More Cold Showers

      If you're familiar with running out of hot water before you're through with your shower, a tankless water heater may be for you. If you like conserving energy and saving your money too, tankless heaters are definitely for you. These "on-demand" units t...
      Written by InTouch
    • Regular Principal Contributions

      You may be amazed at the impact of making regular, additional principal contributions can have on your unpaid balance. Each month, an increasing portion of the principal and interest payment goes to reduce the payment.  However, when you make an a...
      Written by InTouch
    • Time for a Toilet Upgrade

      Whether it is a cosmetic or a mechanical reason for upgrading a toilet, you may not know all the choices that are involved to choose the right one for your home.  The current toilet may have cracks or leaks in the bowl or tank.  It could be t...
      Written by InTouch
    • Home Inventory

      Whether it's a fire, burglary or other disaster, one of the first things your insurance agent is going to ask for are the receipts for your personal items or a home inventory. You can reconstruct the inventory from memory, but you run the risk of forge...
      Written by InTouch

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